Monday, July 16, 2007

Poly Einiosaurus

Dinosaurs are such weird crazy animals. I'm going to have to do more of them.

So these are more or less final renders. This thing ended up taking exactly one week to do, I might end up texturing it sometime but I think it's working okay without them for now.

Next up: Treasure Planet's Long John Silver!


Audrey Gayle said...

dude Greg, cool! day I see the picture and then boom! the next day I walk by, it's 3D imagery! waaay crazy rubix cube man!

Karen said...

Hey Greg! This stuff is AWESOME! I love it-you are so super talented. The fam keeps talking about you like you're a movie star-they eat it up! We'll have to talk soon since we haven't spoken in forever, though I have had the worst flu all week. Maybe next week? Love ya!

Kim Hazel said...

Holy crap Greg! I LOVE THIS!!!!! Is this for your internship, or for fun?

Greg Peltz said...

Thanks everyone!

Kim - This guy was for the internship, but it still counts as fun.

Greg Peltz said...
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Kim said...

What did you use, Mudbox?

I really love this. I think I'm going to print it out and pin it in my cube. :)