Wednesday, October 3, 2007

More Brucie

I've been waiting to update until I had something worth updating. Besides the work I've done on her textures (which still need some refining), Brucie now has a rig and blendshapes, which means I'm animating ! Woohoo! Animation is fun...even though I like modeling better.


szitta said...

Well done man! When I talked to you the other day in passing I thought to myself it might be fun do work on something together... I'm not sure what though. What do you think? interested??

Keep up the killer work!

Jorge "Jay" Garcia said...

Yay, she's so awesome. :D

Bruce said...

You should meet this guy in Portland, OR. Last name Guinn. Don't know how to contact him right now.

Jorge "Jay" Garcia said...

hehe, thanks dood! But I still think your model rocks even harder! ;)
How's the anims going?

Tyler (characters N' sketches) said...

slick stuff man!!!

audrey was bragging about your great work so i had to check it out!!!