Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Thesis wants attention

Well I can't believe that summer is almost half way over, and mine has been super duper so far. Pixar is a terrific place and the people here are awesome, I'm enjoying work so much that my thesis started to get jealous. It's okay thesis, I love you.

Here's some of that thesis progress. This is, or rather will be, the Knockout - one of the characters in Alex's and my collaborative project. The body is still being made at the moment, and parts of the head are obviously still in progress, but I thought it was high time to prove that I haven't been sitting on my butt all summer. Well okay, I do sit on my butt quite a bit, but it's usually in front of Maya so it evens out.


Kim Hazel said...

Looks terrific as always, Greg. :) Did you render these in mental ray or renderman??

Can't wait to see the rest!

Greg Peltz said...

Thanks Kim, it is a mental ray render. I <3 mental ray.

magnus said...

Hey Man, glad to hear things are going well. Maybe we can hang out while your in the Bay. As always good stuff!

Betsy Bauer said...

Looking super duper fantastic! I'm really looking forward to this thesis!

Darrin said...
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Darrin said...

Dude your stuff is just awesome. I have a couple questions if you don't mind...do you Box model, or edge extrude?

and the method you use, is it taught and ringling?

and do you use image planes as well or just wing it?

also how long does it usually take to model your characters??

Greg Peltz said...

Thanks you guys. Darrin, here are some answers to your questions:

Box vs Edge modeling - I use both. I seem to box model mostly when I'm laying something out, but usually switch to extruding edges when I'm doing a final version of a model.

Ringling taught me the basics, but I have learned a lot from my internships on proper modeling and topology techniques. Practice also really helps me improve.

I use image planes whenever I have a drawing that I want to hit, unless it's something really easy and fast. The amount of time it takes me to model a character varries, this one took me a few weeks until it started shaping up the way I wanted. In contrast, the John Silver model I did last summer took me two weeks for the entire model. The time it takes is usually dependent on how much there is for me to figure out, with this model I didn't know exactly how I wanted her to look, so I did a lot of playing around before I arrived at something.

Hope this helps!

Darrin said...

hey..thanks for the explanation... I've asked this to alot of modelers I admire cause I always feel like they are so fast cause I'm very slow..it took me a year to complete the Human Anatomy "Freedom of teach" DVD model..well mostly because I kept coming back to it after months of resting (plus I was a newborn back then) But I guess I learned alot

Since though, I've been really sucky at it.... but as you say keep practing is the only way to get better

Well thanks again

lindsey olivares said...

hot stuff peltz

love it so good

Brendan Carroll said...

Looks amazing! Can't wait to see how the thesis looks. Well done in getting to Pixar by the way :)

Liron Topaz said...

Looks great greg, shocking huh..? I love the hair wedges and shapes.. really well done as usual. Keep it up. The craziness starts soon... :) Can't wait

Nila Curry said...

update ur blog darnit!!!

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